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Ollie is known as an energetic and enthusiastic trainer focused on helping his clients lead happy and healthy lives.

As a qualified personal trainer based in Maidstone, Kent, Ollie caters newcomers to professional athletes. Devising bespoke training to suit their individual goals. Be it sport specific, gaining muscle, losing weight or improving mobility.

Being passionate about sport and fitness since he was young. Ollie grew up playing football semi-professionally alongside practicing different martial arts. Working in the Health and Fitness industry he became a personal trainer, realizing the positive impact he could make to peoples lives.

Ollie understands the far reaching benefits of exercise that he has seen in his clients. It’s affects on mental, physical and social health drives Ollie’s commitment to helping his clients push themselves, breaking down personal barriers and building confidence in their ability.

After a session with Ollie you’ll understand that training is not just about lifting heavier weights or smashing a personal best. Its about building self confidence that translates across your life, helping you achieve your best.

So what are you waiting for?! Get in touch by email or on social media and join OllieFitness members who are transforming their lives as we speak.