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Harry Phipps

Professional Footballer for Dagenham & Redbridge FC

“ Having a PT that not only knows everything there is to taking me to the next level physically in my career. But also has the man management and professionalism to coincide is the sole reason why Ollie is the only PT i fully trust in making me the best verison of myself.”

Maxine Collins

Client at Mote Park Gym

“ I’m in the early stages of PT with Ollie but having seen his interaction with other clients in the gym, followed up by a recomendation from a friend, I reached out for sessions. Ollie’s knowledge and enthusiasm sets him apart from other PT’s. I am enjoying learning new exercises and being pushed to my limits.”

Ryan Richards

Professional Basketball Player

Ex NBA & GB National

“ Being a Professional athlete for over 15 years, playing at all levels; such as the NBA, Great British National Team, Euro League and many more.

Training with Ollie was a true pleasure and learning experience, I learnt things that I haven't learn't in my 15 year career.

His understanding of looking at sombody and understanding what they're body can or can't do, through working on they're weaker points and turning them into they're strengths is something very rarely found in a trainer.

So truly I want to thank him and I'm excited to continue to work with Ollie in the near and far future.”

Ruben Sammut

Professional Footballer for Sunderland FC

“ I started training with Ollie during my off season from football in June. He Created a personal four week plan for me to ensure I went back to my team in the best way possible.

He tailored the programme to my needs. Ollie’s great at working around your goals, listening to you and putting your thoughts into action. We spoke about what I wanted to achieve in the four weeks. A lot of it for me was working on my upper and lower body power and core work.

Performing more football specific exercises, he would also put me through intense cardio whether it be on the treadmill or wattbike to maintain my body fat and fitness.

I also learnt a lot from Ollie, he’s got an immense knowledge and passon for fitness.

With my goals in gaining strength, endurance and power he shared methods that I could use outside the gym for myself at home, as well as for when the football season returned. Alongside advising me the best ways to recover between training.

Ollie is very funny, interesting and down to earth guy. He is not only your trainer but also someone you can trust and call a friend. I couldn’t recommend him enough!

I’ve already booked my sessions for the next off season training.”